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I used to be a skeptic. I used to think astrology and spirituality and anything remotely holistic was utter nonsense. I thought anyone who bought into that shit was a sucker and too fatalistic and passive for me to even consider respecting them. Turns out I was the sucker.

I was the fool who thought her pre-med scientific training, her aspirations of becoming a neurosurgeon, put her above anyone who didn’t know what a neuron was or who couldn’t describe the basic physiological mechanisms that keep our bodies alive. Yet as the years I spent studying progressed, I became increasingly aware that medicine wasn’t the right place for me. I was far too “big picture” than minutiae-minded, which is what you need to survive the program. So, I stepped away and indulged my secret guilty pleasure: writing.

This jarring existence – right-brained ideas with a left-brained M.O. – had me at odds with how I was meant to incorporate these opposing notions. How was I meant to couple my skeptical tendencies with my suppressed curiosity for all things witchypoo? What was I to do with my hidden, hippie-ish idealism and my learned realism? It took seven years, but I finally figured it out.

Enter: CULT WHY. This digital space was born from a voyage of self discovery and global exploration.  Sounds fucking self-indulgent – and sure, it was – but after I turned myself inside-out and looked at the world from upside down, what manifested was a combination of the matters I think matter most in life: who we are, how we relate to others, and how we respect the planet we’re renting.

CULT WHY isn’t here to acquiesce; CULT WHY is here to disrupt. We’re here to make noise; to make you question; to offer another perspective; to unapologetically investigate Eastern and Western philosophies to aid all of your self-actualization endeavors. Because the moment you pop the bubble you’re so safely living in is the moment you begin to appreciate your and others’ humanity. This is the moment you truly comprehend your laughable insignificance and simultaneous, colossal power. You start to find safety in vulnerability and courage in fear, learning to, at times, simply grit your teeth and bear it. This is the moment you discover your mettle.

At CULT WHY we serve you the real shit, with a spoonful of sugar because it makes digesting the world’s occasional silliness a whole lot lovelier. We’re dropping the “D” in “DGAF” because we do: we do give a fuck. We’re a cult of women, men, people(!) who are interested in looking beyond our figurative backyards (although personality-related content is always a welcome vice) and contributing to greater society. CULT WHY is a new religion* that serves as a readable remedy – a #mentalsmoothie, if you will – and is founded on 100% authenticity. Ya dig?

So jump on the bandwagon, baby, we’ve got plenty of room.


*To clarify, we’re not literally a religious denomination, I’m being metaphorical. None of that Jonestown/Rajneeshee shit happening here, thanks very much.

Featured image: A delicious illustration by VERRIER HANDCRAFTED


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